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I'm asked this alot!

Are the paints safe?

Yes, I only use the safest and highest quality, FDA approved cosmetic paints, glitter and adhesive to ensure there is no harm to anybody. My preferred brands are Snazaroo, TAG, & Wolfe.

*It is never safe to use craft or acrylic paints, they can be damaging to skin!

Who do you paint?

Face Painting is fun for EVERYONE! Face Painting isn’t just for children. I have designs for adults and teens as well. For safety reasons I will not paint anyone visibly ill. It is generally recommended that a child under 2 years of age get a hand or arm painting simply because they tend to lose focus quickly and make sudden movements. Not only does this compromise the end result of the design, but more importantly it poses a risk of injury. I'm happy to attempt a simple image to see how the child responds, but if I feel there is a safety issue I will encourage another option. If the child is resistant to the process they will not be painted as this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable! Guests under 1 years old will not be painted.

How do I remove the paint?

1. Gently wipe paint away with a damp cloth using a mild liquid soap or baby shampoo.

2. Lather, wipe, rinse, and repeat - but NO scrubbing; scrubbing can irritate gentle faces.

3. Rinse with warm water.

4. If any residue remains apply a gentle moisturizer and wash again after 30 minutes.

*Do not sleep in face paint


Do I need to provide you with anything?

To keep space in mind I would prefer to use a table and chairs you may already have at the venue. Please let me know if this will not be possible and alternative arrangements can be made. A water supply is also appreciated to fill rinsing cups and for quickly washing all utensils when I'm done (they will be thoroughly cleaned once I get home), however I may bring my own water if this is not possible.



How far will you travel?

I service Plano and most of the greater Dallas area. There will be a travel fee applied for distances of 50 miles or more from 75093 zip code.

How do I book you? What will you ask me?

Email me directly via the “contact” tab please include: Date/Time, Location of event, type of event, number of guests and services needed. Please keep in mind I can paint 18-20 kids an hour depending on the complexity of the chosen design, sometimes more if only requesting simple designs. Adding balloon art you will need to allow extra time.


How far in advance should I book?

It’s never too early to book, you should book your event with me as soon as you know the date and time this will ensure that I have sufficient time to prepare as well as confirm my availability for your date. I would recommend at least 2 weeks prior to event, however I understand that sometimes things change at a last minutes notice so contact me anyway, I may be able to accommodate you.

Do you require a deposit to book?

Yes, the deposit is an important factor in the booking process. It is my way of protecting both the client and myself from any uncertainties that may arise. If your deposit is not received 7 days after you have booked, your date and time will become available to any potential clients. Once the deposit is received, we can both be assured that I am to make my appearance at your event, and that the remainder of the balance will be paid when I arrive.


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