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About Making Faces & Twists

Hi! My name is Andrea and I am the owner/creator of Making Faces & Twists. I have always been a creative person drawing and doing arts and crafts and I have also always loved to plan and decorate for parties and functions. When I was in school, I would always volunteer to be on the decorating committee when it was time for school functions. Now years later I am still intrigued by every part of decorating, planning and being all around creative! I would have never even thought about being a face painter if it wasn't for the face painter that I hired for my son's 4th birthday party noticing my artistic abilities due to the large scaled Iron Man games that I made for the party. With her training and guidance this is what happened next....


I started doing face painting and balloon twisting at private birthday parties. My first party was in April 2010, I had a great time showing off my new balloon twisitng skills. I only did basic balloon designs, like flower bracelets, dogs, monkeys, hats, etc. I did plenty of private birthday parties in 2010, I also had the privilege of face painting at some major events. Some of the notable events are: The Universoul Circus 2011 Capitol plaza mall, Maryland State Fair, Perry Hall Town Fair, Essex Day Fair and Wine and The Woods 2012. I am also the Face Painter for all Events that are held at Dove Valley Winery.

Making Faces & Twists was created in February 2010. After about a year of being mentored on the skill and art of face painting and perfecting my craft, I decided it was time to branch out and make a name for myself so, Making Faces & Twists was born. Making Faces & Twists is an Event Services/Planning Company, specializing in providing face painting, balloon twisting and glitter tattoo's for any party or event.




Cheetah/Leopard Face Painting
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